Cool story bro


Arrived from France in 2009, Benjamin Mace discovered Quebec with its calm and wide open spaces, then realized that he didn't ask for more!

Actually, he wanted more ..


With his creative temper and his eager for discovery, it is through his passion and his profession that he explores and nourishes his creativity.

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Let's talk about passion!


Of course bike! As a child, from his first pedal strokes he never found logic in riding flat grounds ... Very complicated for him to move around without his bike. The few times he was on foot, his relatives could not prevent him from always making the same joke: Where is your bike Benjamin?


It was in 2012 in Sherbrooke at Mont-Bellevue that he discovered mountain biking, especially Enduro and Freeride. 

He was hooked!


His pedagogical side and his pleasure in sharing his passions have led him to be an adult enduro trainer for two years in Dalbix's Mont-Bellevue association.

His job (s)!


In 2003 he began his professional life as a Boilermaker, hence CHOUMAC which is the nickname of the Boilermaker. Until today, he went through welding, machining, industrial mechanics and robotics in mechanics and design. A professional and academical journey that clearly defines this character in constant search for progress and evolution.

The link between the two


What could be more logical? It was in 2005 that the idea of ​​making his own bike crossed his mind , then later in 2016 he jumped in! This is when Choumac's baby LUNAR was born. His first bike was 100% handmade with alu pivots on a conventional milling machine! 




The first CHOUMAC bike proved to have abilities above his expectations , which will motivate Benjamin to go further and associate with Didier and Guillaume.


Now a team of 3 peoples, Choumac wishes to become a benchmark in the field by developing new models of bikes until obtaining a complete range of mountain bikes and thus reach the size of a small business.